About Lighthouse

Lighthouse Education Center (LEC) is an educational center available to all families. LEC’s model offers a variety of options for grades TK-8th. Our dynamic programs and classes allow parents to choose the best option for their children.

LEC joins together with parents in equipping students with the relational, practical, and academic skills they need to succeed as well as encouraging the strengths, gifts, and purpose within each student for their future.

Lighthouse offers a memorable educational experience with academic classes, enrichment classes, camp days, and community activities to encourage student leadership.

All classes at LEC are taught by experienced and passionate instructors who encourage students to love learning through a variety of lessons and activities.

LEC offers small classes with a maximum class size ratio of 20:1. Our program offers classes Monday through Thursday from 8:30am - 2:00pm. From individual classes to full-day programs Lighthouse Education Center strives to provide a quality educational experience for all students.

Lighthouse is an approved vendor with some local charter schools. Please call or email our office for a list.

Our Mission

Our mission is to join with parents in equipping students with the relational, practical, and academic skills they need to succeed as well as encouraging the strengths, gifts, and purpose within each student for their future.



Lighthouse Education Center’s elementary classes are focused on creating an environment that continues to encourage a deep love of learning. Our teachers bring a wealth of experience, passion, and creativity to their classrooms as they strive to develop academic and personal growth within each student. As your partner, Lighthouse’s teachers will do the majority of curriculum selection, lesson planning, and teaching, while allowing you to be the primary leader and mentor in your child’s life. We find this hybrid model to be an effective way of teaching and delegating leadership and parental responsibilities.


On-campus elementary math classes consist of direct instruction, creative centers, exciting games, and hands-on activities. Students learn that math can be fun! Throughout the elementary years, students progress in their ability to add, subtract, divide, multiply, tell time, and understand how these all work together. Parents help their children work through the assigned curriculum at home with support and guidance from the teacher. Students K-5 use Go! Math and supplemental curriculum.


Language Arts

For elementary language arts, we combine the best of the best curriculum, methodologies, and philosophies to teach students how to read, write, and communicate well. Our program includes multi-sensory phonics, spelling, grammar, writing, public speaking, literature, poetry, and handwriting. The goal is to support the child where he or she is and move them forward in these critical stages of language arts development. Students will use Zaner Bloser curriculum, novel studies, and supplemental materials.

History & Science

Social studies and science for the elementary grades will be hands-on, exploratory classes designed to help students understand the past and make connections to the world around them. Students will use Studies Weekly in grades TK-3 and TCi for grades 4th and 5th.



Students at Lighthouse Education Center will also participate in elective courses such as physical education, art, and ASL. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to take classes for music and drama with outside vendors for a small additional fee.



"We feel blessed to have found Lighthouse Education Center. My children wake up excited to go to class and are very proud to share their accomplishments. They love the electives such as art, ASL, and Spanish and are always looking forward to the fun theme days at LEC. It is amazing to be able to confidently send my children to Lighthouse and know that they will be in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. The small class sizes and commitment to the students are what enable my children to grow and learn so easily in this strong community."
Parent of TK and Kindergartener
"Lighthouse has been the biggest blessing to our family! There were so many things that we didn't agree with while our children were in the public school system and now that's all behind us. The staff are so caring and dedicated to ensuring each and every student thrives and it shows daily. We love being part of the Lighthouse community and can't imagine our children anywhere else."
Parent of 2nd & 3rd grader
"I can’t say enough good things about Lighthouse Education Center! From the staff, to the faculty, to the students, the center has been nothing but a blessing to our family. I know and trust that when I send my children to the center each day, they will be cared for and taught well and that peace of mind is priceless! With each passing year, my gratitude and appreciation continue to grow. I highly recommend being a part of the LEC family."
Parent of 2nd, 5th, and 7th grader
"This is my daughter Lily’s first year at Lighthouse Education Center. Every morning she walks into her class and is greeted by her name from the staff. It makes her feel so special and welcomed! I am very pleased with this being her first year and making great progress with all the resources Lighthouse has to offer."
Parent of a Kindergartener


We are so excited to accept more students into Lighthouse Education Center! We have worked hard to create a program to meet student’s needs, but we realize we can’t help everyone. If your child has special needs, learning difficulties, and/or behavioral challenges please reach out to us via email prior to registering online.

Enrollment Process:

  1. Student Application and Registration Fee ($300)
  2. Sign Fees Agreement
  3. Receive curriculum list and purchase curriculum
  4. Attend a Co-Teacher training

We reserve the right to decide that Lighthouse is not the right fit for certain students. The Registration fee is non-refundable.
*The yearly Registration Fee is $300 per child.

Class Fees
2021/2022 School Year

$5,750 3 days a week (Monday - Wednesday; 8:30am - 2:00pm)

$6,000 4 days a week (Monday - Wednesday; 8:30am - 2:00pm)

Plus, the cost of curriculum (estimated $150-$200)

*Payment Plans are available- inquire with registration

Multi-student family discount or assistance – Unfortunately, Lighthouse does not offer a multi family discount or financial assistance at this time.