Lighthouse Education Center’s classes are focused on creating an environment that continues to encourage a deep love of learning. Our class instructors bring a wealth of experience, passion, and creativity to their classrooms as they strive to develop academic and personal growth within each student.

Our goal is to meet the needs of each student where they are academically using a variety of teaching methods and activities.


All curriculum at Lighthouse is considered faith-neutral curriculum.   The curriculum used will meet or exceed the California state standards but does not include critical race theory, gender/sex education, or other scientific beliefs.


Our elementary program focuses on a variety of learning methods to help build a love of learning within each student. Students will participate in hands-on projects, individualized instruction, and collaborative learning with peers.


On-campus elementary math classes consist of direct instruction, creative centers, exciting games, and hands-on activities. Students learn that math can be fun! Throughout the elementary years, students progress in their ability to add, subtract, divide, multiply, tell time, and understand how these all work together.


For elementary language arts, we combine the best of the best curriculum, methodologies, and philosophies to teach students how to read, write, and communicate well. Our program includes multi-sensory phonics, spelling, grammar, writing, public speaking, literature, poetry, and handwriting. The goal is to support the child where he or she is and move them forward in these critical stages of language arts development.


Social studies and science for the elementary grades will be hands-on, exploratory classes designed to help students understand the past and make connections to the world around them.

These classes do not teach critical race theory, gender or sex education. Students will use Studies Weekly in grades TK-3 and TCi for grades 4th and 5th.


Students at Lighthouse Education Center will also participate in elective courses such as physical education, art, Spanish, and ASL. Additionally, Drama Kids and Musicology offer weekly classes as well as partnering with us for a variety of camps throughout the year.

Middle School Classes:

Our middle school program is designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through studies that utilize inquiry and hands-on learning. Middle school courses are taught by subject-area experts that engage students in collaborative learning experiences. Instructors will help students develop important communication, time management, and organizational skills in preparation for the high school years.

Middle school students rotate through classes daily. As our students move through middle school, they develop a greater sense of responsibility and independence. At home, the role of parents transitions from co-teacher to guide as students develop academic independence.

Lighthouse’s middle school courses strive to help students pursue excellence within the core subjects as well as elective class options. Middle school students also have student leadership opportunities.


Mathematics instruction at the middle school level builds upon the student’s previous knowledge, while at the same time continuing to challenge them in dynamic ways. In class, students receive direct instruction and participate in engaging group activities to reinforce their learning. The at-home lessons, assignments, and activities serve to solidify their understanding of the concepts presented in class. By the end of the middle school years, students will be prepared for Algebra I. Students will use Pearson Math.


Our language arts program consists of reading quality literature, multi-genre writing, grammar instruction, and vocabulary enhancement. All of these disciplines are taught both in and out of the classroom. Students will use Zaner Bloser, novel studies, and supplemental materials.


In social studies, students are encouraged to engage with history through debates, simulations, and group assignments. Similarly, science classes incorporate hands-on experiments and group investigations to create an exciting environment. Students at this level are expected to complete weekly home assignments in science and social studies. LEC does not teach critical race theory, gender/sex education, or other scientific beliefs.


Our enrichment classes are designed to enrich the on-campus experience for our middle schoolers. These classes include music, drama, art, ASL, and study hall helps class.